Amelia dining table

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"Amelia" is an ideal option for those who value simplicity, practicality and lightness. Expressive and at the same time lightweight form will surely fit into any interior. This table model is also functional, because it has an additional insert 350/400/450 mm.

Material: oak
LWH (mm): 1100/1200/1400; 700/800; 750
Table top: 20 mm table top with chamfer edge, metal sliding system
Legs: 70x70 – 40x40 conus legs (4 pcs)
Additional: solid/sliding (350/400/450 mm middle extension, 1 pcs)
Packing: 1 cardboard crate - table top + extension (2 pcs) + legs (4 pcs)

Delivery within Europe is 5-7 working days. Delivery to the USA - up to 21 days.
We try to maintain the availability of all models in our warehouses. But, if you have a large or non-standard order, we will need time to complete it.
Production time is 4-8 weeks and depends on the selected materials and the complexity of technological processes.
Leave a request and we will provide you with more accurate information about the timing of your order.

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