Tables with metal

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The look of centennial oak combined with metal inspired us to create these special tables.

Wood and metal are very different materials, in terms of structure, origin, and application. When metal gets into a growing tree, it is not rejected, but rather grows together with the tree stronger and stronger every year. So wood, closely connected with metal, retains its unique history. This symbiosis inspired us to create a new collection. Each product in it is unique, and the combination of two such different structures emphasizes the majestic age of the tree.
We mainly use ancient oak (about 100 years old) with a bright and rich texture. Cracks, knots, knots give the table a sense of antiquity and grandeur.

Oak, walnut, ash, poplar - we often use these materials in our products.
Copper, bronze, brass are the metals that we use to create a unique design.

Each table is calculated and made individually. We have a lot of slabs and ready cuts.

- oak
- ash
- walnut
- poplar

- bronze
- brass
- copper

- varnish
- oil

Table shape:
- rectangular
- round
- oval

- from 2000 to 4500 mm

Table top thickness:
- from 60 mm

Please contact us for an estimate.

Delivery within Europe is 5-7 working days. Delivery to the USA - up to 21 days.
We try to maintain the availability of all models in our warehouses. But, if you have a large or non-standard order, we will need time to complete it.
Production time is 4-8 weeks and depends on the selected materials and the complexity of technological processes.
Leave a request and we will provide you with more accurate information about the timing of your order.